Sunday, May 18, 2003

I'm messing with this blogger page. If you scroll down you'll see you can read much further back now, but this also means the page loads slower. I'm trying to get the archives working. I've gotten all the archives saved from day one but I can't figure out how to let you access them from this page. I'll keep working on it.
In the meanwhile we just did a cable access show in Roseville as the guests of Xenophilia. It was weird. The studio we performed at is the cable access station that I used when I was 15. I produced a show called Local Trash and then another show called Underground Sounds. Mostly me with big hair introducing footage of punk and metal bands from Roseville and Rocklin. It was so strange to be back there after all these years. I've just kind of forgotten the Roseville part of my life. There's Corona (So Cal) where I had most of my childhood and then Downtown Sac where I tried to become an adult. In between were just those awkward confusing years in Roseville. I have some sweet memories though. I had a great girlfriend name Nicole and we were part of an interesting geek click. We had some realy good times. Our friend Monica had these really great dress up Christmas parties that I remember very fondly. And Nicole's Mom was kinda looney and she always treated me like she realy thought I was destined to do something important with my life. I believed her of course. She passed away a few months ago and Nicole and I had coffee together. It was the first time I'd seen her in years. It was nice remeniscing and of course we made plans to get together again that we never kept. Maybe we will.
I am trying to be very strategic in what to do next with the Comedy troupe. Should we keep barrelling ahead with live shows or should we get the Audio and film thing rolling at a more intense pace. The audio and Film thing is the way to get recognition far and wide but the live shows hone the skills and that's ultimately where you become a better and funnier troupe. We have so much material now, much of it HEAVILY road tested after repeat shows in Sac and then our recent shows elsewhere. I'd love to get some of that material out there. Jonothan Morken won't be working with us on films for a while as he is getting pretty busy making his sick horror flicks. He dropped all of the raw footage off today with Bob Moricz and Bob and I will be doing some editing and hopefully getting some clips online soon.
Look for that. Thanks for reading. I'll keep working on the archives. Hit to check out a cool project I'm helping with. Peace,

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