Monday, May 12, 2003

Wow, someone actually reads the Blog. At the SF shows a friend of Amber's, who was her co-star in Vanities, referenced this journal. So, I now know at least one person is actaly reading. Kinda puts the pressure on.
We're done and I've got the next 6 weeks or so to do nothing. Before our show on Saturday I did a reading for the premiere of this Annual called Morbid Curiosity that I had submitted a story to. The reading went very well and a producer from an SF Public Radio station wants me to do a reading of my story for use on the air. The reading itself was taped so I'll see if I can get an mp3 up of that.
Michael Vaverichek, our SF publicist, taped our show Saturday and so we may have some ICBINC mp3s up on this site soon. He was particularly interested in She, A Fish Story, which he wants to put on a compilation CD that is working on.
The new Trash Film Orgy website is up. For those not in the know, I started a Trash film festival a few years back with some friends. The festival's gotten bigger and bigger and as ICBINC has done the same, I had to make a choice. SO, I passed on my share of the TFO to Sid, ICBINC's co-producer who is also the manager of The Crest and the TFO will go on. It's strange to see Trash Film Orgy have this life of it's own without me. Christy and Darin are workin' hard on it, along with Sid the Evil Crest Manager and Zach and Amy (ICBINC alumni). I go to their brainstorming meetings, but I have no responsibility. I just throw out an idea or two, they get used or they don't. It's quite nice. Francois Fly will be host this year, but this is the last year. Then a new host will be found to spread the love.
Francois Fly will be performing with the Velvet Hammer this summer. There will be a tour but I'm not sure of all the dates and locations yet.
Miles is in a play coming up soon. I'll bug him for details of that.

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