Saturday, May 10, 2003

LAST NIGHT WAS GREAT! We continue to draw a good crowd in SF. I was worried that we used up all our friends durring the first weekend and that now we were out of friends, but alas, we have new friends, and we're actualy drawing in strangers, and of course friends of friends. The show went great. We did The Talk which is a scene depicting a single father struggling to tell his daughter about the facts of life and it got a great response. A realy great response. We did some ad libbing durring the skit, which only tends to happen when the energy between the stage and audience is realy high! I had a blast. I am ready for a break though. Tonight we'll pull out all the stops, say goodnight to this tour with a bang and then I will have only the day job to keep me busy for a month or so. That's about as close to a vacation as I'm getting. Thanks to everyone who came to the shows in LA, SAC and SF.

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