Friday, May 09, 2003

Well here we are. Tonights the first of the last two shows of our first tour. We've started building a fan base in LA and in SF and I'm sure we'll hit more cities next time. We're going back to LA in August and we've decided that next year we'll perform at The Crest which seats 1,000 and in New York.
We'll start putting together the CD and I hope to have it complete within 6 months. Then shopping it around to labels begins.
I'm readin a Bowie biography and thinking a-lot about image. I love comedians with creative image making. Bobcat Goldthwait, Emo Philips, Eddy Izzard, and that ultimate rockstar Lenny Bruce. I wonder what our image is. It's strange because we have to put on a character for each skit. I guess our image forms out of the kind of characters we do, and which we choose to lampoon vs which we choose to sympathise with. I'd like to sympathise with everyone. I'd love to do comedy that was about humans being more the same than different. Most comedy seeems to play on this camp vs that camp. And the members of the camp the comedians belong to love it.
I think many different camps are represented by ICBINC. Hmmm?

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