Friday, June 13, 2003

Hello, This is Xeno. The screams from the other room are not real. They are from a TV. My eyes are red. There is no cure for hell. Except to turn off the tube. And glow by the sun instead. A cute girl is watching me type. She has eyes like the ocean and she smells like a sea flower. I think that's a good thing. Sea flowers are very rare. They happen in Hawaii when they fall in the water from trees that overhang blue lagoons. Lagooons. Say it with me Laaaa gooooon. You goons get outta here.

There, I've BLOGGED. Oh yeah, a girl here at this slumber party that I have crashed says you should feel jealous because Xeno is, once again, surrounded by scantily clad beautiful women with rasor sharp minds. But Xeno says, naw, he's already got one. :-) "Tell them we've already got one!" (Snickering)

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