Sunday, June 08, 2003

I'm writing from the studios of NPR station KALW in San Francisco where I've been invited to retell my story of lying my way onto national television. This story has so far been published in Morbid Curistiy Magazine, at, and now the story will be on NPR. I've gotten as much exposure talking about being on TV as I got from being on TV. The studio is in a school building. I haven't figured out if the school is still in use or not. The place looks like it could be a set for an X-Files. Metal grates on all the windows. Evertything painted in the same shade of beige. The only variation being the faded grafiti scattered about. I'm early so I thought I'd kill a little time on the blog.
I promised awhile ago to put up the address for our Fan Site. The site is at . Go check it out. Be a fan. Worship at our feet. C'mon, we deserve it. And we need to get you worshippin' soon. We're getting old. The expiration dates looming. First I got to old to be a rockstar. Soon I'll be too old to be a famous comedian. Then I'll have to become a humorist and if I don't catch on with that one before gaining still more forehead as my hair makes it's swift getaway, I'll become a spoken work/poet type.
It's not totally confirmed, BUT I'm 90% sure we'll be at The M Bar in LA on August 9th. We're looking into doing SF the week before, but that one's only 10% sure. And then we'll get ready to hit the Sacramento Stage after a too long break. Hope to see you soon.

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