Friday, June 20, 2003

It was pretty great being on the set with Sean Penn and the world famous Amber Kloss. I'm kind of bugged that she names the stars as Sean Penn and Naomi Watts and doesn't mention me at all. She's rotten I tells ya.
I am a huge Sean Penn fan, and I wanted to tell him I appreciated his pro-peace stance that he's been very vocal about as of late. But I also didn't want to bug him. He was working hard and I would imagine, trying hard to stay in character. He sat right next to me at one point. Plus, as I mentioned in the last post he shoved me and shot the guy next to me. That was rad. While dressed as a cop I got to run across the tarmac at Sac international airport with a replica gun on my hip and everything. They had to have airport officials supervise and they warned us that stepping outside of the designated filming areas could shut the airport down for hours.
The director was Niels Mueller, who wrote Tadpole. I realy enjoyed Tadpole so it was cool working with him. The DP worked on Y Tu Mama Tambien, but I'm not sure in what capacity.
I'm looking foward to August when we'll be in SF again and then we'll be in LA. More details soon.
Until then well be involved in The Trash Film Orgy. See

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