Monday, June 02, 2003

I hadn't heard of that Cookie Mueller book. I'm gonna have to check that out. Speaking of the John Waters clan, I just picked up a copy of Divine's Hit single "You Think You're a Man". It was so stoked to find it. I also got a Don Adams record (he was the guy from Get Smart) and I picked up THREE Lilly Tomlin records, a Jose Jimenez record and a Freddy Prinze record. Freddy Prinze was the comedian who starred in Chico and The Man. He committed suicide unfortunately. He was one of the earliest latino comics to get big. His son Freddy Prinze Jr is now getting big as a pretty boy actor but I have no use for him. Jose Jimenez was a white guy acting hispanic. The same comedian that does Jose did a chinese character and a Swedish character. He'd be skinned alive today. Oooh, Oooh, I also got a Wally George record. Wally is Rebecca DeMornei (or however the hell you spell her name) 's dad. He had this arch conservative show where he'd invite liberal folks on and then call them names and throw 'em off the show. It was great. I could never figure out if he was for real or not, so over the top was he. He was on the same channel in Souther California that carried Roller Derby and Glorious Ladies of Wrestling. Pretty great stuff. Now I have a record of him rapping. Life is good.

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