Tuesday, August 12, 2003

The audience in LA this time was small, but as Becca mentioned THEY WERE INTO IT! And the audience consisted of other comedians, a documentary filmmaker, a hot shot photographer, all people who will make a great base for building a regular LA audience. And they were enthusiastic as hell. We were having folks pushing their e-mail addresses on us and offering to work with us. I feel like the hype is flowing.
Pomona, well, it fell through the cracks. The show didn't get promoted, AT ALL and the club owner was very apologetic. We decided to just open the doors, not charge a cover and engage in some silliness. Xenophilia played music and discussed conspiracies, Miles did some stand up and then played some AC/DC on the steel drum. You aint heard Back In Black until you've heard done on the Steel Drum baby. Oh Yeah. The club owner, Marissa, wants to try again. She says this time wants to work together more instead of through a middle man (my brother) and get the club packed. She realy likes what she's seen of us.
The biggest news is that Michelle, the grand dame of The Velvet Hammer Burlesque show is into doing some caberet action with us. WOOO HOO!
So we'll probably be back there in October doing that. YIPPEE!
Well, I bought my Burning Man ticket today. Drop me a line if you're gonna be there and we can hook up. Peace.

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