Saturday, August 02, 2003

Well SF went well. We were competing with a version of Hedwig and The Angry Inch STARRING TOM WAITS (oh my GOD!) as well as a stage production of Dr. Strangelove, and plenty of other stuff. None the less we had a decent crowd and the show went great, and I MEAN GREAT! The thing that sucks about this BLOG is that there are things I'd love to write in here, new jokes and such, but in the off chance that anyones reading it, I don't want to blow the gag. I mean, you may be coming out to see us soon eh? So, I won't tell you about he hillarious new opener that Miles delivered last night. BWA HA H AHA HAHA! It's so funny.
Some San Francisco pals took us out for drinks afterwards and a grand time was had by all. Tonight is my last Trash Film Orgy, then we do LA, then we put together a Best of Show to make a demo out of and we tape it in the Crest Basement. Woo Hoo. See you soon.

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