Saturday, August 09, 2003

I'm in Los Feliz at my buddy Brett's little tiny apartment. Six of us are staying here durring this little Southern CA tour. Oddly enough Brett is not staying here. He rented a room for Emily and himself. They've become quite the hot item. It's love, oh so romantic. Xeno and Becca got a room and Amy Anne and Jeremy got a room too. Bryna and I are the only couple that isn't getting any privacy in LA. We're having a good time with the troupe but having a room to ourselves would be cool, because, um, we could watch HBO. Yeah. Love that HBO.
Brett lives in Los Feliz which is the greatest neighborhood. The people here are SO friendly. When we're out flyering we get asked about the show and people tell us about their art and I love it. Lots of great record stores, book stores, coffee shops, centraly located. If I ever move to LA this is where I want to live.
I was thinking today this Blog would be more interesting if we had more drama in the troupe. us all getting along and being pals isn't as exciting for you the reader. Too bad I didn't have a blog back when we first started the troupe. Someday soon I'll have to drop some notes about the fighting that when on in the early days of ICBINC before certain folks parted ways with us, or more accurately with me. I'm such a dictator, it figures someone would have to fight with my Nazi ass. More later.

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