Friday, August 01, 2003

So, on the day of our first ever show I was getting ready to get on the freeway when I saw a man on foot chasing a car toward the on ramp. I realized nobody was in the car. The car went up the on ramp and crossed over, it was now going the wrong way up the off ramp. The man was almost to the car when it went over the edge and nose dived about 15 feet to it's death.
I figured being in the right place to witness such a thing just hours before the comedy troupes debut must be a good omen. We sold out our show and we've been going nonstop since.
So, here we are. Show day, and another odd happening on the freeway.
I'm driving along and this fella's going 60mph in the fast lane. I'd like to go a bit faster, so, after it becomes clear he's not budging, I pass him on the right. As a pass I hear a god awfull noise, unlike any horn I've ever heard. The fella then gets behind me. I get back in the fast lane and so does he, now going the same speed I'm going, and tailgating. I don't like to play games on the freeway so I get over into the middle lane again planning to slow and let him pass. He follows. I get over to the right most lane and again he follows. I then exit on K st. So does he. I take K to Alhambra, go right, then right again on N st, going under the freeway and left onto 29th Street. He's still with me. I hop onto the Freeway and so does he. Okay, now I know he's following me. Nobody is gonna just conincidentaly take the same little zig zag as me through midtown just to hop back on the freeway. I look at him in the rearview. He's scary looking in that he shows no emotion at all. He doesn't look upset. He's just some stock broker looking guy in a nice car with a tie and sunglasses.
I get in the right lanes that go to 50 or continue on 80. He does but I only halfway get into the far right lane and when I realize he'll be stuck by the truck coming up fast behind me, I get back in the left lane and then I shoot over to the far left putting me back on 99, he's now stuck and there's a nice chasm between us. I look to my right and he's staring at me. I don't smile or wave, I just take in his face and wonder if I know him. I've been feeling paranoid all day since this happened.
So, is it a good omen? Or are we all gonna die?
I guess we'll find out tonight.

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