Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Governor Arnold! Oh my god. We're so stupid. I just can't believe how stupid we are. He used the old "I'm gonna sweep California Clean" speach, with the Broom and everything! As Ben pointed out, that one was how they showed that the jackass politician was a jackass in O Brother Where Art Thou. The rest of us laughed at it, but Arnold said, "Oooh, I like that. Yeah, I'll sweep the state."
Why is our memory so short. I can't defend Gray Davis, he stinks, but have we forgotten Pete Wilson. The man whoes mess Davis inherited? And what about our crappy representatives who haven't gotten the budget done on time in YEARS!
The problem is much bigger than Davis and Arnold is know solution. I'm just glad that he ran on a platform of idealistic optimism. I'm hoping that means everyone will get sick of him real quick when he gets nothing done.

Okay, we're not a political troupe, I'll go back to talking about comedy and such. Good Day.

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