Monday, October 13, 2003

I'm getting old. I joined the YMCA. I'm going to go work out tonight. Bryna's going to do some Tai-Chi or however you spell it. I don't dance often these days. I don't skate board. I don't do much. So, I joined the Y. I'm actualy excited to be making a move toward gettign back in shape and the Y is less than two blocks from my house, so, I'm gonna enjoy it. But of course I'm almost a yuppie. If I'd joined 24 hour fitness then I'd be a yuppie. The Y has basketball courts. Maybe I'll learn to play basket ball. And yoga. I'm gonna do a-lot of Yoga.
I wish they had Jui-jitzu. I want to do some sparring. I wrestled my friend Steve Thoreson. He's a comedian and he's very intellectual. I always interrupt his act though and make him do his impersonation of bacon. He has been threatening to kick my ass for this for years so Saturday at the Galley Horse Cow's Burning Man show we decided to go ahead and fight. I ended up choking him out, meaning that he tapped because I got him in a choke hold. I didn't actualy make him pass out. I can't be too proud of winning though as the fight started with me jumping on him when his back was turned. I'm a bad person. Yes I am. There will be a rematch I'm sure.
I love fighting. My brother's an ultimate fighter and I guess it's just in the blood. I don't like the anger, just the sport of it. I need more friends like Steve.
If anyone wants to wrassle let me know.

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