Saturday, October 25, 2003

We're looking for some music for the upcoming show. We're without Xenophilia, and we're looking at working with the St. Simon 3, but they won't be available until our SF shows in February. I'm thinking Naked Nathan might do a fine job in the meanwhile. We'll have to wait and see if he's available.
It looks like half our cast will be in Jonathan Morken's next film, Nwar. Some idiot e-mailed a bunch of girls that had been invited to audition and warned them that it was a porn flick. You'd be surprised how many knee jerk idiots just cancelled their audition or no showed rather than ask to see the script, especialy since Jonathan has offered a copy of the script for anyone who wants it right from day one. The auditions are at the Crest Theatre. I don't think many porn film producers are getting to hold their auditions at The Crest. And most would require somewhere a little more tolerant considering what "Skills" they'd be auditioning. Showbiz is less competitive than people think, if you're not stupid I mean. Thank god for stupid people. Example; My friend Brett got a call from a casting agent asking if he knew how to do Three Card Rummy. Brett says "Yes, I do!" She's thrilled explaining to Brett that he's the 30th person she's called. Brett is amazed that 29 people before him said "No". He hangs up with her, calls me and says, "Hey Keith, I got 8 hours to learn how to do 3 card rummy." Brett got a few moves down, did the job, and got the paycheck. Brett's so thrilled about not being stupid.

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