Wednesday, October 01, 2003

We had a good rehearsal last night. A little bit of tension over a skit I wrote with a bit of absurdist gay smut shock value thrown in in the middle. No one was deeply offended but there's the question of Toilet Humor. We obviously don't want to go the shock value route, and oddly enough the skit in question starts with a statement about not doing this kind of humor. But we have our Team Urinals skit set in the a bathroom and it's FAR from toilet humor. So the question on this new one was, did it have some deeper meaning, some context, that made it more than the sum of it's parts, or was I just going out of my way to make the audience uncomfortable. We worked out a way to let me do my piece and to let the other person respond to it, which I think adds more of the troupes personality and is a good thing.
I know this must be strange to read without having the actual skit to refer to. Ha Ha. you'll just have to wait till our new show.
Now I get the stress of balancing what skits go in and trying to give everyone enough stage time. Fun.

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