Friday, October 31, 2003

This putting on a show stuff is a lot of work. We put out our press releases, hand delivering them. So far we've heard back from The Bee, they are going to run a story on us, and Jonathan Mum, the reporter who did a news story on us a while back for News10 called to say that he had recieved the press pack. He didn't say if he was going to do a story or not. I ran him a tape that Bob Moricz edited together hoping to show him just how great we are. Mark S. Allen from Good Day Sacramento has expressed interest in doing a story as well, but nothing is set in stone there. I think we'll send them another press release printed on a cake or something. Get their attention. I think the News and Review may be shy about doing a story because one of their own is in our cast now. We'll see.

I've got to be thinking of how I'm gonna get comedians and audiences interested in my show at The Sacramento Comedy Spot as well. I meat with Brian, the fella putting the club together, next wednesday to discuss advertising budgets and such. I've also given notice at my work. I'm gonna swap this day job for another one. I'll be going to work for my friend Allen, who owns the Gallery Horse Cow where we perform. That will happen in January.

Lots going on. And, it's Halloween. Woo Hoo.

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